Billing claims accurately and in a timely manner is key to effective revenue cycle management.

ebix, inc. is the Midwest’s leading Healthcare Billing Service provider. Headquartered in Greendale, Wisconsin, ebix, inc. provides comprehensive revenue cycle management services to ensure your practice’s profitabilty. We have over 37 years of experience in serving dozens of medical specialties.

Our superior, proprietary process enables you to focus on serving your patients while giving you:

· Minimize denials by generating cleaner, faster claims with ebix’s proprietary process that contains multiple layers of quality control scrubbing, accurate coding, provider education, feedback, compliance checks (e.g. efficient payer follow-up and rejection processes.)

·  Dramatic reduction of days with an A/R Liquidation processes

·  Superior Analytics and Reporting to identify bottlenecks, define and refine processes, measure and improve practice operations and overall metrics.

·  A process that builds greater staff and patient satisfaction while being 100% HIPAA compliant!

In short, ebix, inc. will help your practice realize 10% or more in revenue!   Contact us for a Complimentary Evaluation.

ebix’s Medical Billing Services include:

• Coding
• Charge Entry
• Electronic Billing
• Posting of EOB’s and Receipts
• Follow-Up & Denial Analysis
• Reconciliation
• Account Receivable Payer Follow-Up
• Coding Review Audits
• Provider Data Updates
• Overflow Billing Support
Prior Authorization
Denial Management and Posting
• EOB Follow-Up & Denial Analysis
• Insurance Verification/Financial Counseling
• Management Reporting